Two easy ways to exchange bitcoin to $$

A 2-way bitcoin ATM

Super low minimums: We'll buy as little as $5 in bitcoin through an XBTeller BTM

Convenient: Visit one of our locations on your schedule

Fast: Don't take our word for it. Check out this video showing how fast you can cash out $2400 from XBTeller.

Step 3 - Send Bitcoins

Make sure to send the exact amount of bitcoin we request.

Step 2 - Sell Bitcoin

Select "Sell Bitcoin" and Follow the onscreen instructions. 

Step 4 - Pick up cash

 We'll send you a text message when your funds are ready to be picked up. Transactions under $400 are usually paid out with zero-confirmations. Larger amounts may require one or more confirmations.


Sell your coins to a human

The ultimate in peer-to-peer

Denver-Area only at this time.

Minimum - $500

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