Host an xbteller bitcoin atm

Why host an XBTeller Bitcoin ATM?


Drive new traffic to your location.

Business owners in every industry will tell you that acquiring new customers is difficult and expensive.

We'll have a steady stream of new potential customers walking through your doors everyday.


Advertising. On us.

When we place a kiosk in a new location we'll make sure people know about it, and you.

Google Ad Words and Facebook ads featuring our newest location will run for at least a month. 


Earn a flat fee or a share of the profits.

We compensate our hosts by paying for the space we occupy. You can finally monetize that unused space in your store or restaurant. 

If you're interested in a taste of the profits, we have a host program for you too. 


You keep doing what you do.

We take care of everything that goes into a new kiosk placement. That means you and your staff are free to focus on your business, not ours. 

We handle delivery, installation, maintenance and customer service for our kiosks. All we need is power and an internet connection. 


Some of our current locations

Future Host FAQs


So what's next?

Find a host plan that's right for you

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