The Launch

We launched our first bitcoin ATM in July of 2014. Since then we've launched a fleet of bitcoin machines around Colorado. From the beginning, we had a feeling that more opportunity to easily buy and sell bitcoins would lead to more, well, buying and selling.


Bitcoin 101

Making it easy for people to buy and sell bitcoin is only part of our mission. An equally important aspect of what we're doing is to give people a place to learn more about bitcoin. Bitcoin is different from money as we know it, and those interested in being a part of this global experiment should do so with both eyes open.

Real World

Access to bitcoin to should be easy. It shouldn’t require long verification delays or counterparty risk. XBTeller is committed to building a network of real world access points into the bitcoin ecosystem. While bitcoin is a digital asset, it needs a real world, physical presence to encourage adoption and promote best practices.


Of course, we want to encourage the exchange of bitcoins for goods and services. One way that happens – increased merchant adoption. Awareness is only worth so much if interested merchants don’t know where to start. That’s why we work directly with merchants looking to integrate this new payment technology.


We're here to help!

Bitcoin has tremendous utility and promise, but for new users it’s only natural to have questions. While there is a huge volume of information on every aspect of bitcoin available online, many people are still more comfortable talking to a real person. If traditional conversation is more your style. You’re in luck. We're here to help! Live and in person, available upon request.


Our guiding principles


Individuals should control their private keys, and be empowered to do so safely. Owning bitcoin requires owning private keys. 

Increase positive network externalities. The Bitcoin network and bitcoin the currency are made stronger and more useful with every new user.

Bitcoin should be used to escape third parties, not give rise to new centralized custodians. We're all money transmitters now.

The choice to use bitcoin is far more significant than many realize. Bitcoin has the potential to return some autonomy to the individual.


Bitcoin is an experiment. It should be viewed as just that. Owning bitcoin is one way to participate, but not the only way. Build something.  

Bitcoin wasn't created to replace fiat currency or the traditional financial system for all economic activities. Bitcoin fills a niche.